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This was my entry for the Squarepusher Video competition held a few years ago by Warp Records. I only found out about it with 1 day until it was due. I didn’t win (though they said I almost did) but I’m still pretty happy with it for a day of working like mad. Warning – chaotic to the point of seizure inducing!  Sorry video quality isn’t the top fancy hd of the day but i will get a cleaner copy up soon – of this and much else….



WARP Records – A History And Overview Of The Electronic Music Legendary Label


Warp, popularly known as Warp Records, was founded in 1989 in Sheffield. It is a very popular and legendary British record label that is well known for discovering some of the amazing artists in electronic music. This 24 year old label has become an adage for music innovation and soon became home of the artists looking for a breakthrough in electronic music. Warp Records was started by two indie boys in Sheffield, Rob Mitchell and Steve Beckett . They

It is regarded as one among the greatest British independent labels, responsible for introducing some of the incredible releases in 90’s like Aphex Twin, LFO, Boards of Canada and Squarepusher.

However, there is no doubt that the origins of Warp Records were much sophisticated as compared to the present.




Warp Records from the Beginning

The co-founders of the label, Rob Mitchell and Steve Beckett began their music label with a sum of £40 that they received as an Enterprise Allowance grant. Rob Mitchell and Steve Beckett used to run an independent retailer in Sheffield by the name of FON. In 1989, George Evelyn, owner of a club night in Leeds and a music veteran, along with his friend Kevin Henry decided to launch his own electronic track. He tried his luck with many record labels, but couldn’t find success with any. After failing to get a suitable record label company in US and country, the challenge was taken by the two guys to help Harper and Evelyn. Steve and Rob decided to set their own label to launch Dexterous, which is now remembered as a seminal British dance track. The album was conceived by the name of, “Nightmares On Wax”.

The first release under this label was the “Track With No Name” by techno outfit for gemasters. Surprisingly, the copies were sold out of a borrowed car. However, when it came to “Nightmares On Wax track” by George Evelyn, everything exploded like a volcano. It sold nearly 30,000 copies and topped the chart with a 75th position within the first week of release. It brought a revolution in the electronic music industry.

The first influential success came with the release of ‘LFO’ by LFO”. It was conceived by two teenagers in the bedroom. The track was composed with bass-heavy techno behemoth and inspired a revolution in the UK’s dance tracks. The track sold 130,000 copies and became one among the most popular dancing numbers topping the charts with 12th position.

In 2004, Warp record came up with an unexpected decision that made its IDM fans anxious. It signed Newcastle guitar band Maximo Park. The band’s first album, named as, “A Certain Trigger” was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize in the same year. Since then, there was no looking back for the label as it started making its mark in both indie and alternative to rock music. The recent success of the label includes math rock of the famous Battles, the sparse punk of Manchester’s Lonelady, LA’s Flying Lotus and so on.


List of Some of My Favorite and Legendary Warp Tracks / Videos  

(far too many to fit here but a taste)

‘Windowlicker’ – Aphex Twin

Released in 1991, it is one among the finest releases in the history of Warps records. It can be illustrated as energetic, cool, extreme, melodic, and a bit dirty track of all time. Chris Cunningham is the one behind this ultra cool track. Even with so much of fluctuations, it’s hard to say what makes this track so popular among people. But, the fact is it is indeed an appealing and fun dancing track.

Squarepusher – ‘My Red Hot Car’

This is one of the finest and greatest works of Squarepusher’s. It was released in 2001 and
listed as the 317th best song of the millennium by pitchfork media. It is a traditional pop song with attention grabbing lyrics. What makes it a memorable track is the fact that the being a single track, Jenkinson managed to balance skittering electronic noodling with bizarre vocal before hitting on the bombastic attack.

Battles – ‘Atlas’

The track was released in 2007 under Warp’s Label. It is still remembered as one of the finest compilations of 20th century. It features beats that are deathless and punky enough to drag huge crowd into the dance floors. This track stands in the top list of the math rock and is one among the most gloriously smartest compositions of 2007.

LFO – Frequencies


Released in 1991, this album brought a revolution e in the electronic music. It showcased the new trend of dance music. It was first released by Warps in UK and then by Tommy Boy in US. The album became one of the most sorted out track of 90’s with respectable success in the charts. The music is innovative, fresh and well commanding on the dance floor.


The album was released in 1997 under the category of IDM. It was classified as experimental music for showcasing various music styles with different combinations such as grainy, disjoint beats or simple melodies.

Boards of Canada

The album was released by Warp Records in 2000 and became one of the stunning EP’s of 20th century. The four tracks in the album revolved around the madness of childhood, motifs of nature based on a central theme. One of the tracks of this EP, “Kid For Today” featured in advertisement for BMW Series 7.

Prefuse 73

It was the second album by Scott Herren, which was released in 2003 under Warp’s label. The album tracks were beautifully create and conceived to showcase the hip-hop tradition in a finest way. It was a great hit among beat-jugglers and freestylers in that year.

The list doesn’t end here. There are many other memorable tracks that were released under the banner of Warp Records. In the music industry, it is often said that the other name for electronic music in Warps Records, for the innovation it brought since the beginning. Today, the name Warp is not just limited to music, it has stretched its wings into guitar and movies. Whatever the future beholds for this label, there is no doubt that Warp Records is one among the few long-lasting names that have been able to make a mark in the music industry. The brand still promises to deliver artistic freedom and retains its iconoclastic approach.

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